Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pixel Flimsy

Alida is asking us to Stretch Our Skills!

This month the skill is pixelated quilting. I couldn't do last month's crochet project because with my injured hand there is no way I could wield a crochet hook LOL. So I made sure that this month I jumped in and gave it a go.

I still can't use my rotary cutter with my right hand and the left still isn't strong enough. But I totally lucked out earlier this month and won some awesome swag from Fabrics N Quilts. One of my prizes was a half jelly roll of Robert Kaufman Sorbet Colorstory and it was easy enough to cut 2.5 inch squares that way. The problem, was that my pixel picture was much bigger than I wanted. Originally I was going to do the design in 1.5 inch blocks to make a bag, but with the larger squares I ended up with 26 inch picture. Oh well, put 2 borders on it and call it a baby quilt!

I didn't know that the strips were an ombre shaded lot until I opened them up. It took a little more doing but I'm happy with the over all effect.

I'm not sure if I will ever try this technique again, it was a struggle wrestling with a large piece of paper. Maybe if I do this again I will try a smaller piece first then it wont be so difficult? Also my pieces weren't lined up neat enough so when I sewed the lines together my rows were all puckered or missing the fabric totally (this was stitched on the back of foundation paper)...that might be remedied by better gluing or more attention to detail. Now that I know how it works, those would be a few things I would do different, but all in all I like it!

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  1. That looks so cute! Perfect baby quilt! Lovely!
    I agree that it's a technique that require some trial and error to get the final size right, find more easy size of paper to work with, the perfect way to glue the squares etc. I had my fair share of struggles myself that's why I wrote all those comments in the end of the tutorial ;)
    Thanks for joining the party and looking forward to see your future projects!!

    1. Thank you :) I will be participating in all the projects as long as they don't require dexterous fingers like knitting or crocheting :)

  2. Melissa, SO cute! I think your ombre strips worked well here. I applaud you on just going with the 2.5" squares instead of cutting it down. Easier, and you'll enjoy making this into a quilt, I'll bet. Nice flimsy make.

    Thanks for sharing over on Pink Doxies this weekend.


  3. Sometimes we need to do a new technique a second time to apply the learning from the first go-round! Glad you can create with a hurt hand. :-)