Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

I have been nominated by dear sweet, sweet Julie from Pink Doxies and I have been sitting on this nomination for about a week mulling over this post. I love this idea: as part of my nomination I need to write 7 things that people might not know about me, then nominate another bunch of people. Well I love talking about myself, so this should be a piece of cake, right? Now finding people who haven't already played to nominate? Not so easy...
It seems I'm late to the game and all the blogs I follow have already been nominated :( so like a spoil sport I'll just do the fun part and if anyone reading has not been nominated, let me know and I will edit this post. So without further ado, 7 bits of awesomeness about me

1. I spent the majority of my life in theatre and now consider myself "retired". Through acting I got to experience things I never would have before and there will always be a fondness, but I was just too burnt out. Something I had loved turned into resentment. I was never good enough to make a living solely by acting, but I did get to do some amazing things! I toured Eastern Europe with one show, toured China with another. Also with some friends we started our own theatre company and we performed at the Los Angeles Theatre Center...then 13 years ago I needed to get out. I moved to rural Virginia and have been hiding away in a forest and I couldn't be happier! Do I miss it? Not much. I do miss standing on stage commanding the attention of a crowd, but I find other ways to scratch that itch. Which leads me to my next point

2. To escape theatre, I ran as far as I could right into the arms of science. After moving east, I went back to college and got a degree in biology from Longwood University in Farmville VA. I spent 2 summers working for the state parks doing programs for the visitors. I still got to command a crowd, just in a more intimate way. I miss that job greatly, but it didn't pay the bills so I have a "grown-up job" but keep my eyes peeled for a full time parks career.

3. I met my husband in 1995 while I was attending college and we dated for a year and a half before I went back to California. We lost touch. Then 5 years later, through the magic of the internet we reconnected. He told me how he had never gotten over me and I came out to visit and rekindled an old flame.  We decided we couldn't be apart so we got quickly married and I moved with him to the middle of nowhere, Virginia. And I never looked back.

4. We have a special needs daughter who has a condition called Misophonia. It is an extreme hatred of certain sounds that trigger a "fight or flight" response. Her triggers are the sound of chewing or anything eating related. She has very robust hearing, so even if you don't think anyone can hear you, she can from across a room. It causes her to lose control and attack which makes school difficult and meals impossible. We have to eat in a separate room. She has other health issues, but the Misophonia is by far the most disruptive.

5. Where I grew up in CA is on holy land of a Buddhist temple and I am Buddhist (though not a very devout one). I did manage to find a Satsang group nearby that meets once a month, even out here in the middle of nowhere!

6. I haven't been able to work much since January. Between chronic fatigue syndrome and carpal tunnel work has been impossible. So how do I cope? I sew to keep myself sane.

7. I lost my phone yesterday somewhere during my kid's birthday party. It might be at the bottom of a lake. I'm not as panicked as I should be but we will see what the Verizon people say about a deductible.

Thank you for listening :)

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