Monday, May 11, 2015

My winnings and my wubby hand

I had surgery last week for carpal tunnel on my right hand so I have been spending most of my time in bed doped up on pain pills :( This lovely picture shows how happy I am about it too!
I can't cut my fabric, but I can feed it through the machine. Luckily I cut some in anticipation of being out of commission. Good thing too, because I have a farmer's market that I will be selling some wares on Wednesday and I need more stock. I'm miserable!
My little girl calls it my "wubby hand". "Wubby" is her little kiddo word for injured or hurt and it really does feel wubby!

But! I got something amazing in the mail today!
I won a $35 gift certificate to Fabric N Quilts on Mary Mack's Blog.
Their site was so much fun to look around on that I thought I would never decide on what to pick up.
But since I'm obsessed with paper piecing, I was thrilled to find they have some paper piecing quilt labels!

As if that wasn't exciting enough they sent me some extras :)

I have a jelly roll of Robert Kaufman fabric and some Aurifil thread. I have never used such luxury!
They did their best to make a sick girl happy :) I'm going to recover as quick as I can so I can jump right in and make some quilts!

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  1. Poor you! Feel better soon so you can dive into all that delicious fabric and goodies. Isn't it just awesome to win something?!