Sunday, May 3, 2015

My goals for May

I will be off work for most of May if not all, so that should mean a very productive month. But! I'm having hand surgery on my right hand on the 7th so we will see how productive it will actually be.

For my Lovely Year of Finishes, I will finish the baby quilt for my coworker.
I have 1/2 of a flimsy done, I just need to make it bigger then sandwich it and finish!
I will be using the 3 fabrics above, they are doing a jungle/safari theme.

My Button
For the rest of the month, I want to make a shirt for my darling husband. This will be for him to wear to Renaissance Faires and the Celtic Festival. I will be using the the green shirt pattern to the right also out of green fabric to match his Fraser plaid kilt.
This year it will be our 13th wedding anniversary (on May 15th) and the traditional gift for the 13th year is fabric! I am *SO* keeping my fingers crossed that I will get some fabric this year. Usually I just get some sort of knife
He did pick out the pattern and said this is what he wanted...I'll post which knife I end up getting. Last year I got a machete and a drill, sadly I haven't used either :( ...YET! I haven't used either yet, I will when the need arises, I swear!

I also need to make some stock for the farmer's market. I went to a festival yesterday where they had a lot of booths with hand sewn items. I talked to the women running the booths and asked what have been selling well. Mostly it was very simple pillows with novelty print fabrics on them. I have to remember that I will not be selling to other sewists, and to people who don't sew what is printed on the fabric matters so much more than the item as a whole. One booth had children's purses with disney characters on them with simple trim on top and she was almost sold out. So instead of making a few really cooll thing,, I should just go to Walmart, get some cheap Disney princess fabrics and make a ton of 12 inch pillows or something similar. I have made a bunch of chapstick holders for keyrings, and my darling hubby suggested the same thing for lighters in manly fabrics.

Well, I'm gunna get started! Look at me go!

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