Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What is the Hardest Quilt Block You Ever Made?

Last week I was smitten by a pattern for a block called "Pickle Dish". It seemed exactly like something I wanted to do. It has curves and paper piecing, it can be planned and scrappy at the same time. It looked like a wedding ring quilt that I could paper piece part of, so I was sold!
I started by tracing the paper pieced arc onto some tracing paper, I need 48 blocks worth (for a full size quilt) so I got to it! And soon realized that I would be there tracing for weeks until I got enough. Each block requires 8 arcs. The pattern is for 4, so I needed to trace the page twice just to get one block. I stopped after 6 pages because I was bored and wanted to get to the good part--the sewing! I figured I will just trace more when I get those done...
So, I got to cutting...
What a pain! I started with the center piece and cut out around 20 of them before I lost steam. I wanted to get to sewing, no more cutting! So I cut out the other fabrics I needed to make just one block so I could satisfy my sudden sewing lust :P
This is the first block
I will intersperse solid blocks of the fabric behind it (maybe) so save myself from working on this for years. It took 3 sittings to get this one block done, and as you can see, I still couldn't get the top and bottom lined up right. I'm going to make the paper pieced "teeth" black with scrappy orange or pink fabrics.
So I did some math: at this rate I will have this quilt completed in around 2 years if I work on nothing else! LOL
How daunting! I'd quilt but I already cut a lot so this might be on my WIP list for a long time :)
The upshot is that I will get better and faster at making the blocks as I go, well that's the plan at least.

So that makes me think, is this the hardest block there is?
There have to be blocks just as hard, has anyone had any experience with some real doozies?
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  1. Not sure which would qualify! Struggled with Carl the Chameleon for a swap partner tote bag but it wouldn't be so hard now after more experience but I'm working up to the double wedding ring or a variation of it so I might soon have a different answer! Keep going - choose a small achievable target and you will get there! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  2. I have had some tricky paper piecing ones too come to think of it :D

  3. Curved piecing is tough. I've always wanted to make a quilt from this pattern but have not had the heart for it yet! The hardest blocks I've ever made get easier as you work through them. I had one block that took me an hour to make one block and by the end, I was blowing through them at about 20 min. lol Hang in there!

  4. The double wedding ring! Only made one ring! Enough!