Thursday, April 23, 2015

This might be a lucid post...we'll see!

I just got out of carpal tunnel surgery and have to wait before I go home. I came through alright and so far there isn't much pain but there is WiFi here and I have my kindle, so let's give this post a shot.

I created a flimsy for the Marsala Challenge. I'm calling it "Stars and Pickles Forever". I really must say, how much I have enjoyed sewing with this color. Also depending on the source, there's a lot of variation in the color "marsala". I have seen it defined as anything between light mauve to a deep brick red. Now I find myself picking out marsala colors a lot.
I also wanted a challenge (it seems, but we can pretend I did it on purpose LOL) so I chose the hardest quilt block ever "pickle dish". I chose this block because it kinda looks like a "double wedding ring" but is paper pieced. The first block took me three sittings over three days to complete it! Three days for a block is super-redonk. So I only completed 4 of them before I moved on to other blocks. The last one I did in one sitting and I'm not sure the total time but it was between 4-6 hours...for 1 block LOL
It might seem like I'm bitching but actually it was really fun. The toothy bits along the rings, were all different pinks, reds and oranges that I have in my scraps.
For the star blocks I use the middle from the pickle dish block. But instead of paper piecing, I just made a pattern from the background fabric. I think it came out nice and those only took an hour to do. The background is from Waverley Fabrics and has a retro paint splatter design. The middle of the stars and pickle dish blocks is an ombra fabric that is the same as the solid blocks in the center and edges, that's my marsala ombra fabric.
The top is 45"x45". I'm not going to finish it right now, probably not until my hands heal enough to struggle with fmq.
So, I bet you want to see it
Stars and Pickles Forever!

Close up of the center design

Each of the pickle dish blocks have scrappy orange/pink/reds. I can't decide if they look like mouths with sharp teeth or eyes with eyelashes

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  1. Hope your arms/hands are healing well and that the surgery was a success, Melissa. Your sewing certainly was! What a time consuming block, but so beautiful. I think they look like sharp teeth. You did an amazing job of tackling the challenge!

  2. Oh man, CT surgery is no joke, I hope you recover quickly!! Although maybe making a pickle dish block in one sitting wouldn't be recommended... :) They turned out beautifully, though! I love the black and those bold squares of marsala!