Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hippo and April Goals!

First of all...
This was the mystery #4 block from Janeen at Quilt Art Designs. I'm too late put add it to the linky but I'm proud of it anyway :D

Second my goals for ALYOF and Q2

For the ALYOF, I want to put together some blocks I made into a quilt. They were made using "made" fabric

I want to take these and make something to give to the nursing home. I know these are bad pictures but there are actually 5 different blocks, they just look joined. Also there is an offseason challenge for Project Quilting and the theme is "Spontaneous"! Perfect, huh?
I have been messing around, making fabric out of my scraps recently and that's good because this month's Block Lotto has made fabric stars! I love it! That is how I spend my soothing me time when I don't want to follow a pattern or anything, I will just play with my scraps.

So for my Q2 goals, they will be:
  1. Nursing home quilt (see above)
  2. I want to finish a quilt from the DaySail Jellyroll I won. I sewed all the strips together but I think I am going to cut them like a Bargello or rail fence...Anyway I want to finish it
  3. I need to make a baby quilt for my co-worker. Her baby is due in June, but she thinks that she will have the baby early because she is so big! I have made a small flimsy and I have more fabric that I will add to it.
    I feel like I am missing something but I will stick to 3, one for each month
  4. AHA! I know what I was missing, I need to make a pillow out of Syndrome

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  1. I love your hippo. It's really cool!

  2. You have several great projects going on! Your paper piecing is awesome!