Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Busy Day Today!

I woke up today and started sewing...and I just kept right along doing it too!
Today I finished, a pillow a bag and 6 quilt blocks for 2 different quilts . So, lemme show you what I did.
As soon as I woke up, I got on the 'net and I saw a tutorial for a 9 patch from Sew Can She. And I thought that would be fun to do with made fabric. I could put it in my scrap quilt that I am going to make for the nursing home.

So these were the 2 blocks that I came up with.Problem is that the other made fabric blocks are larger than these.Oh well! I'll put a border around them. Since the whole thing is going to be a scrappy jumble, kinda like the Ugly Quilt, I don't think it will matter too much.
So with that finished I saw the next thing on my list is to make a pillow out of the Syndrome block I made for the Stretch Your Skills Tutorials. I am going to donate it to the library for their summer reading problem. The theme is superheroes and they are going to watch The Incredibles one week. I figure that it can be a weekly prize or something.
After that, next on my list were my Block Lotto blocks. These were also made with made fabric but just the centers were made from crumbs all sewn together, so they are less chaotic than my 9 patches. I really like the fabric that I used for the points on the stars. It's a blue/green that I only found 1 FQ of at Joann's.

Last project of the night! I made a bag that was inspired by one I found on http://jacquelynnesteves.com/. I changed a few things on the block that I had made for the Sew Sweet Simplicity sew-a-long and I embroidered a Eastern Bluebird on it. I also wrote its scientific name Sialia sialis next to it :) I didn't chance much on the block, but the major thing was that the original called for a snowball for the center block, but I was afraid the bird wouldn't fit, so it is just a square instead. I was inspired to embroider this a few months ago when on one of the coldest days of the winter I saw an Eastern Bluebird hanging out and thought he must be cold! (These guys are year 'round residents here)

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