Monday, April 27, 2015

3 finishes today! Woo!

I was very ambitious today! Mostly because I got word of a farmers market that is going to happen in the little village I live in. They need crafts as well as plant stuff and I thought that would be so much fun. The only problem is that I don't have nearly enough stuff to stock a stall. The market meets every other Wednesday from May to Oct. so I would need enough stuff to keep me going through then. They also want people to commit to the whole season up front, with $15 a day...that's $180, I don't think I can sell enough to get that back. But she said she would put me on a "temp list" of people who would be willing to jump in to sell when one of the regulars can't do it.
But I still need stock, so I started sewing to get some ideas...
First, I finished my newest nursing home quilt. This was also my April goal for ALYOF as well as for my Q2 FAL See whenever I am missing my mom, I donate a quilt to the nursing home where she spent the last of her days. She taught me how to sew, and she was always big into donating to charity so this is the perfect way to remember her.
I took all of my scrap jars and made a bunch of 8.5 in blocks then sashed them together. Since they are from all my different scrap colors, they are rainbowish (black and brown are in the mix too). My mom moved here to VA almost a year before she died when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She wanted to live the last year of her life with me and my daughter so she left CA, the only home she knew to move 2500 miles away. Well, it doesn't rain much in So. Cal so you don't see many rainbows and when you do they are a very big deal. While here, she was very much impressed with the rain, the thunder and especially the rainbows! So here is the rainbow quilt. I'm calling it "The View from the East"

For the back I used some really bright fabrics, the brightest I could find in fact, in the idea that it might cheer up the nursing home residents. Finished measurements are 52" x 48" Also! This being improvisationally pieced, will fit in with the theme "Spontaneous" for the off season of Project Quilting :)

For my second finish I made a birthday present for my cousin. She is in college and she is obsessed with British boy bands :D So I made her this Union Jack composition book cover. She is a history major, so maybe she will use it to take notes in British History class or something. I paper pieced it, and it is not "correct" like I needed to invert some lines or something to make it look authentic, but meh! Close enough! I doubt she will be flying it into a naval battle or anything :P

This was a busy morning! and it all started because I wanted to sew some things to sell, and so far, nothing to contribute to stock! So I decided to quickly throw together a little girl's dress. This is made from froggie fabric and I was aiming for size 6-7 but it is a little big. I had my kid that is that size try it on and it was too big ("Moooooom, it's too loose! You can see my little girl boobs!" LOL). So, maybe a size 8? I made it so that the front looks just like the back so I put a applique star on the left strap. It's an ugly thing, but I threw it together in an hour, so I wasn't expecting something amazing. Now, I just need to make some more...and other stuff too...

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  1. well done on all of your finishes! and good luck on the Farmers markets, hope you will post about your experiences. Zippy pouches always do well and are quick finishes.

  2. Oh thank you for the input! That is a good idea and I recently got a bunch of zippers cheap :)

  3. Way to go, I just love the feeling of a finish, and to triple that, you must feel very accomplished!

  4. Hi, checking in from the Spontaneous PQ Challenge. Your quilt is inspiring! I like how you made your squares with all different sizes of fabric scraps/pieces. Thank you for sharing about your mom; what a neat way to remember her.
    I admire your enthusiasm for the Farmer's Market too!