Saturday, March 7, 2015

So much to catch up on!

I have been sewing like a fiend! Wait, I dunno if fiends can sew, but if they could, I would inspire them to work harder :P

For starters, I am a winner!!!

Heather from Peachy Pages sent me the most wonderful prize!

It took all my will to stop and post about it before ripping open the charm pack and the pattern and get started! (Well, I already did rip into the charm pack and start planning, when I thought to stop and thank her) So exciting :D I will post the mug rug as soon as I finish

Also, Julie from Pink Doxies featured me in her Pet Project Show! YES! It feels great to have recognition

Now, what have I been doing?

I have been doing one of my ALYOF plans, the Curious Cats runner
This pink is my new favorite fabric. I bought a fat quarter of it and made my Scary Doll from it, and it sewed so wonderfully that I had to go back and buy more.

When did I become the type of girl who likes pink??? I don't know but I have a pink phone case and now I'm in love with this pink fabric. Gah, I guess I'm becoming a girly-girl, just DON'T TELL ANYONE :P

Speaking of pink...I also found a patch that was for breast cancer awareness, but I have no walk to wear it. But I thought, if someone were walking in an awareness walk, where would they wear this patch? A headband! So I made one. I found a tutorial on Pinterest and I didn't follow it exactly, but close enough :)

And I modeled it...Don't judge a sewest's projects by her troll looks! LOL
 Problem is, I don't know what I will do with this, so I listed it for sale if anyone is interested. I feel like it might be a really horrible jinx if I keep this without a reason to have it :S
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  1. Melissa, you've had quite a week here! I'm thrilled to have another Pink Convert! It's a happy color, and never fails to lift my spirits. Thank you for linking up again with the Pet Project Show, and flaunting your pretties! It was fun to feature you there.

    Julie @PinkDoxies