Saturday, March 14, 2015

No! These are *my* toys, not yours :P

I got a box of goodies! I am so excited! 

As soon as I opened up the box my little monster came and tried to claim the box as her own!

Silly girl! This is what I won from Aunt Marti @ 52 Quilts  and A Quilt Block A Day! LOL notice her stuffed cat Athena has the Moda ribbon necklace. But I told her that she can put on some lotion and some hand sanitizer but this is my loot :D

I know I should write more but I'm bursting to start sewing! I'm thinking of making a railfence patterned quilt with the jellyroll


  1. That looks like a great present, the jelly roll prints will look great in a rail fence!

  2. It is such a wonderful feeling when you get a box in the mail! Very exciting!