Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Labyrinth Quilt is Finally Finished!

It is finished! I can go to bed! *snores*

This was my ALYOF March project. I had this sitting around as a WIP since I started quilting (which
was middle of summer last year).

I found the pattern in the American Quilter in the May 2012 edition that I saw at my local fabric store. It was in a pile of free back issues and I thought, "That is so awesome! I can do that! After all if is just a log cabin..."

Oh, how I didn't know what I was getting into!

First of all, this lovely pattern is called
"The Labyrinth of St. Omer"
 (pretty awesome name, huh?)
 ...and the designer is Wendy Wetzel. Now, for a novice quilter, this is not *that* difficult, you just need precise measurements or nothing lines up, which I had a big problem with in the beginning a few months ago. Lotsa seem ripping and resewing, or adding a little piece on to the end of a row to make it fit. But the last few days, when I really pushed to get it done, it came a lot easier!
She made hers out of her hand dyed fabric to make it look more graduated so the colors flowed one into the other. I made mine scrappy!

I did put a butterfly in the center block. You have to help Ms. Butterfly out of the maze! LOL.
 This is what the back looked like. I stayed with the scrappy theme and chose fabric that I used in the front. (Sorry about the bad picture, I pinned it awkwardly on the wall)
The coolest part of this pattern is that you can trace along the color path from the butterfly in the center to the outer edge. Go ahead, try it in the largest picture at the beginning of this post, I'll wait...

...neat, huh?

I am going to give this to my friend for her birthday. She is quadriplegic and I think that she will get great amusement following the maze to the end. It is roughly 60 X 60 so not quite big enough for a bed quilt but for a lap quilt for when she is in her wheelchair, or to hang on the wall of her bedroom.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    This quilt is awesome and I really live the pattern!
    Greetings, Rike

  2. I love this pattern! And the black really makes the design pop! I know your friend will cherish this piece of yours.

  3. Well Melissa, this is really a fabulous gift! It is fun and cheerful!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  4. Love this quilt!!!! Congrats with the finish. Beautifl colors. Your friend is very happy!!!!

  5. Ooh, I love this! Love mazes, Greek key design, labyrinths...Have you seen the movie? Labyrinth? It's cool. You did a terrific job; what a perfectly awesome gift!

  6. Your fabric choices make this quilt really interesting. I like how the colors shift as you work your way out of the labyrinth.

  7. What a great finish. I really like your color choices. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Melissa, Thank you for linking this up on Pink Doxies this weekend. Sounds like it took a litlte push to get it done, but it's Wonderful! I'm drawn to quilts that never allow my eyes to stop moving over them, and this is one for sure.