Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Labyrinth Quilt is Finally Finished!

It is finished! I can go to bed! *snores*

This was my ALYOF March project. I had this sitting around as a WIP since I started quilting (which
was middle of summer last year).

I found the pattern in the American Quilter in the May 2012 edition that I saw at my local fabric store. It was in a pile of free back issues and I thought, "That is so awesome! I can do that! After all if is just a log cabin..."

Oh, how I didn't know what I was getting into!

First of all, this lovely pattern is called
"The Labyrinth of St. Omer"
 (pretty awesome name, huh?)
 ...and the designer is Wendy Wetzel. Now, for a novice quilter, this is not *that* difficult, you just need precise measurements or nothing lines up, which I had a big problem with in the beginning a few months ago. Lotsa seem ripping and resewing, or adding a little piece on to the end of a row to make it fit. But the last few days, when I really pushed to get it done, it came a lot easier!
She made hers out of her hand dyed fabric to make it look more graduated so the colors flowed one into the other. I made mine scrappy!

I did put a butterfly in the center block. You have to help Ms. Butterfly out of the maze! LOL.
 This is what the back looked like. I stayed with the scrappy theme and chose fabric that I used in the front. (Sorry about the bad picture, I pinned it awkwardly on the wall)
The coolest part of this pattern is that you can trace along the color path from the butterfly in the center to the outer edge. Go ahead, try it in the largest picture at the beginning of this post, I'll wait...

...neat, huh?

I am going to give this to my friend for her birthday. She is quadriplegic and I think that she will get great amusement following the maze to the end. It is roughly 60 X 60 so not quite big enough for a bed quilt but for a lap quilt for when she is in her wheelchair, or to hang on the wall of her bedroom.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Paper Piecing on a Rainy Friday

Today it is dreary, cold and rainy! But we are warm and cozy in the house and I can spend all day quilting
I WANTED to spend the day in the garden, getting some exercise or something outside and productive, but that is not going to happen.
If the weather were nice, I would dig a new garden plot, plant some early veggies or go Geocaching! Alas, it is not going to happen. Probably for the best because there is a rumor of snow tomorrow and that would not be good for baby plants.
So I am going to spend my gloomy Friday paper piecing!!! YEAH!

I finished up making the traditional old timey sewing machine mini quilt. This has been a WIP for awhile now. The machine is paper pieced from a pattern designed by the amazing Janeen from Quilt Art Designs. This is part of her Springtime designs, perfect on a rainy day, yes?
The bunting is paper pieced from a pattern I bought for placemats.
The wonky spools are a mocked up pattern that I designed...yeah hence them not being perfect. But through the magic of quilt math, they actually came together nicely, just...a little wonky LOL.
The back is a DISASTER of FMQ hehe. I still have tension issues on machine, so what looked like amazing stippling and zig-zags on the front, was a loose loopy mess on the back. I ended up ripping it all out (very easy when it was so loose) and using a walking foot to stitch in the ditch, which came out nicely surprisingly.
The binding is some really cute ribbon I picked up of deer with purple trees on a pink field.
I'm submitting this to Le Challenge #21 --TRADITION
Le Challenge
Sewing is a tradition in my family. I learned from my mother, who learned from her mother who learned from her mother....and back and back probably until the invention of the sewing needle! Now I sew with my daughter and when she is older hopefully she will realize that this has been passed down from mothers to daughters with our mitochondrial DNA! LOL.
So what better way to represent that than with an old timey sewing machine and spools?

Well that's done

So what to do now? I think some more paper piecing. Today is a good day to listen to OK Computer by Radiohead and mindlessly follow paper piecing!
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Polka Dotted Elephant! Mystery Block #3

This is the most adorable guy!
I should have know it was an elephant because of the past blocks being safari animals and this calling for a lot of gray. Nevertheless, I made a polka dotted elephant. The only problem with the polka dots is that you can't tell where his eye is, or it looks like he just has many eyes!
This is part of a series that Janeen from Quilt Art Designs has come up with. I love her patterns because they are so easy to follow, even these mystery ones!
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's been awhile, I have a lot to catch up on

For starters I finished the Courthouse Steps for the Quilter's Choice Quilt-A-Long

Since this is a row quilt a long, I am finished with the 12" blocks. Instead of putting them in a straight rows (all Weathervanes then all Courthouse Steps) I staggered them.
Without meaning to I am making a Halloween-ish quilt! There are skeletons in the centers of all the blocks. Also the yellow strips in the Courthouse are cat themed. The light yellow have cats all over, and the darker yellow have balls of yarn.
I can't wait for the next block to come out!

Now for the Project Quilting Isn't That Charming? challenge. The idea is to take a pack of charms and made a project using at least 20 of them. The entire front of the project has to be made of charms. Well, I didn't have 20 charms readily available so it says in the rules that you could cut fabric to 5" squares and make your own charms--which is what I did.
My co-worker is going to have a baby boy, so I made her a baby quilt!
I cut squares in blue florals, green leaves and frolicking frogs!
 For the back I used green with tiny white dots
You can't see the binding very well on the quilt (or I couldn't get a good picture of it), so I took a picture of the design. They are little blue foxes with grapes on a tan field.
I am so in love with this little quilt! But I mean little! It is less than 30" square, and not big enough to be a baby quilt. I will end up making another quilt for her, but what do you do with a quilt that small? A doll quilt maybe? Are there any rules on how big a baby quilt should be?

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

No! These are *my* toys, not yours :P

I got a box of goodies! I am so excited! 

As soon as I opened up the box my little monster came and tried to claim the box as her own!

Silly girl! This is what I won from Aunt Marti @ 52 Quilts  and A Quilt Block A Day! LOL notice her stuffed cat Athena has the Moda ribbon necklace. But I told her that she can put on some lotion and some hand sanitizer but this is my loot :D

I know I should write more but I'm bursting to start sewing! I'm thinking of making a railfence patterned quilt with the jellyroll

Coaster and my attempt at FMQ

Alida from http://tweloquilting.blogspot.com/ has a tutorial here so we can Sharpen our Skills!

Stretch Your Skills @ tweloquilting.blogspot.com
I don't actually have a darning foot or a walking foot so that *night* explain my really crappy work...maybe :P I do have them ordered and they are arriving on a slow boat from China. So soon I wont have that as an excuse for sloppy stitches.
I don't know if I will be able to participate in the next portion of the Skills because it is crochet and my carpal tunnel is getting really bad :( I do have a brace, so I am going to give it a shot

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Passion for Patriotism!

So the Le Challenge theme this month is PASSION...
and when it was announced, I quickly forgot about it because nothing came to mind.

At the same time, I had this guy sitting on my design wall
I had made this Nick Fury portrait as a pattern I tested here for Lynne Schwarz. If you scroll down through 1/2 the page you can see him hanging out without the embroidery. I tried to link directly to the pattern, but it wouldn't work, so there is the link to the page.
I had the idea that I would made a...something, not sure what...to donate to the library for their summer reading program. See, each year they have a theme and raffle off weekly prizes for the kids who have been reading. This year the theme is going to be "Superheroes" so I figured he could go to some bookworm kid. But what was I going to turn dear Nick into other than a lone quilt block? I had no idea.

 Are these things related? You bet!

I was talking to my husband about the Nick Fury (Hubby is a big comics fan) and he was talking about how Nick Fury is just so patriotic, like that is his driving force as a character, it is his PASSION if you will. He is passionate about the USA :D

  So this made me come up with a plan for poor incomplete Nick, I would make a bag! With a zipper! and lining!

For the back of the bag I also took a pattern off of Fandom in Stitches, this one made by Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir. It is the emblem of the organization that Nick Fury is in called S.H.I.E.L.D.

All in all it came out as a really cute pouch and I am really happy with it. I'm, going to take it down to the library tomorrow and give it to the librarian to hold for Summer Reading.

And it just so happens I have an entry for Le Challenge, even though I was not planning on entering.


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Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Favorite Fabric....Is Pink???!?

In my last post I said how I was making the Rebecca Ruth Curious Cats runner in my new favorite fabric!

I picked it up at my LQS in fat quarters with nothing more than the shop's own tag on it

But I bought 4 more FQs and there I found some selvage with some identifying info to it!

             Fabric Traditions 1997 Copyright N.T.T. Inc

WOW! This fabric is almost 20 years old? amazing

Anyway, this is what I made with the beautiful fabric (besides the Scary Doll I had made originally with it before I went back for more):

YAY! I love it! And My Favorite Fabric is the theme for this weeks Project Quilting!! XD
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So much to catch up on!

I have been sewing like a fiend! Wait, I dunno if fiends can sew, but if they could, I would inspire them to work harder :P

For starters, I am a winner!!!

Heather from Peachy Pages sent me the most wonderful prize!

It took all my will to stop and post about it before ripping open the charm pack and the pattern and get started! (Well, I already did rip into the charm pack and start planning, when I thought to stop and thank her) So exciting :D I will post the mug rug as soon as I finish

Also, Julie from Pink Doxies featured me in her Pet Project Show! YES! It feels great to have recognition

Now, what have I been doing?

I have been doing one of my ALYOF plans, the Curious Cats runner
This pink is my new favorite fabric. I bought a fat quarter of it and made my Scary Doll from it, and it sewed so wonderfully that I had to go back and buy more.

When did I become the type of girl who likes pink??? I don't know but I have a pink phone case and now I'm in love with this pink fabric. Gah, I guess I'm becoming a girly-girl, just DON'T TELL ANYONE :P

Speaking of pink...I also found a patch that was for breast cancer awareness, but I have no walk to wear it. But I thought, if someone were walking in an awareness walk, where would they wear this patch? A headband! So I made one. I found a tutorial on Pinterest and I didn't follow it exactly, but close enough :)

And I modeled it...Don't judge a sewest's projects by her troll looks! LOL
 Problem is, I don't know what I will do with this, so I listed it for sale if anyone is interested. I feel like it might be a really horrible jinx if I keep this without a reason to have it :S
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