Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Works in Progress Wednesday!!!

On Sunday I started the Project Quilting challenge for this week, which is "UFOs and Orphan Blocks" so that is what I have put all my quilting effort into this week. If you remember I already had 2 blocks sewn so I decided to make more to put into a quilt. So far, the only quilts I have finished have been sampler quilts...barring the fish table topper. And this one will be no different.
I already had a flying geese block and a equilateral triangle block so I decided to make 4 more blocks, that should make it about the correct size for a lap blanket.
Oh! abd I have a name for it -- "Hearts and Holsteins"
I made a paper-pieced block from this pattern here It turned out lovely! It reminds me of a Chinese checker board or feng shui symbol.

The pattern on the fabrics are cows and hearts, perfect for Valentines day? So the next block I made was a heart that I pieced together...It didn't turn out as bad as I feared! I have a piecing problem -- things seem better in my head and on paper than they do in fruition. So I was pleased that this block, which I designed myself didn't suck! WOO!

I am trying a new something new, A Stellar Block. I need to tweak the measurements so that it will fit.

Also for this quilt I will need to do some sort of applique, which I am panicking about.
*cue panic attack*
I will have space in the middle of the stellar blocks that will be blank, maybe I can do something there? Also, since applique is not my strong suit, do I really want to try 4 appliques? Another thought I had is that I might be able to cut a heart out of one of the fabrics and applique it to blank 12.5" square? But then I will have more blocks than I need--HA!
I have set the time frame for this quilt as:
  • Needs to be done by Sunday
  • So I wont procrastinate, I want to have it totally finished Saturday when I go to bed. 
  • I want to have it sandwiched on Friday so on Saturday all I will need to do is quilting and binding
  • So, by Friday morning, I will have the final layout in my head
We will see what happens! I will keep you guys posted!

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