Thursday, February 26, 2015

Waiting for the snow

We are supposed to get some snow tonight, a lot if you believe some reports. Most of the reports are saying 3-6 inches overnight. My husband has to drive in it so I was trying to stay up until he gets home, but i think I am losing the battle to sleep. Posting some quilting will help keep me awake for awhile!
For the past week I have been doing nothing but paper piecing! Even little pieces take a lot of time and concentration so I think I am almost pieced-out! None of these blocks have any purpose yet other than to amuse me and I really do have a good time making them. So I am using this as my 4X7 Challenge post even though I did a little more than 30 mins a day, maybe? :P

The bottom left is a block from the Project of Doom. I am a bit behind, like 3 weeks I think but I made an effort and made that block last night.
The top left 2 are pieces from Quilt Art Design's Mystery Monday. Those were difficult because I didn't have a visual to go off of, just pieces and color codes. I'm not sure what I will do with these. I am temped to make something like small zippy cases out of them, but I also think if I wait there will be more in the series. Then I will have enough for maybe a small quilt?
The right piece is a beautiful pattern I tested, but I will talk more about that one when I finish that project in a few weeks (I guess keep an eye out?)
I PROMISE that I will work some on the labyrinth quilt tomorrow. If my kid is home from school for a snow day I might not be able to get MUCH time though. This is the last project I plan on completing for Q1 of the 2015 Finish-Along. The finished top should be 60"X 60" and this little bit I have is maybe 18" square--I got a lot more to go! I love how scrappy it is. I think that it will really give an extra dimension to the finished product.

Well, still no snow, but I will see if we are in a Winter Wonderland tomorrow morning.
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  1. THat labyrinth quilt is pretty neat! I have never paper pieced and your statement about the time involved is exactly why!! I like to be DONE rather than spend forever on something like that!! The paper piecing does pay off with the precision but who has the patience!!

  2. I love that sand timer, Melissa! I'll have to go look for the pattern in the link. Have you seen The Tartan Kiwi? Her pp patterns are really neat and what I was working on this week. Thanks for joining in! (And I hope you got snow - we've had something like 7 feet and it's still not enough! *lovesnow*)