Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

February will hopefully be filled with ambition!
I'm getting my medication straight so hopefully I will have more energy and brain power than I did in the past few months. So here I what I plan on doing!
I really need to get this off of my design wall. This is called "The Ugly Quilt" and I bet you can never guess why...
All of the block designs came from We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler. No disrespect to Leila, the patterns are beautiful, but it was the color choices I made that made them ugly. Her tutorials were so good that she published a book which you can pre-order here. Seriously, this was how I learned to quilt...mad props
All of the other blocks I made from that series came out well (see below). For the sashing, I randomly sewed scraps together to get the mish-mosh crazy quilt look. The idea came from 15 Minutes Play, this is how I like to relax and "play", probably the most enjoyable way to sew. Because of this I really enjoyed making this top, so why it might not be everyone's cup of tea, it is really interesting to look at on my wall. But it needs to be finished (batting, backing, binding), then I will decide if I will donate it like I planned. I wonder if I were to take it to the nursing home the poor recipient would be horrified at having such an ugly thing! HA!
Actually there are some people at this home who have nothing because they have no family or friends to visit them, which breaks my heart. This was the nursing home that my mother was in before she died. I saw her almost every day and many of the other residents never had any visitors which breaks my heart. This is why when I learned to quilt I said I would donate quilts to the old ladies who sit with old ratty blankets covering their knees. This way they could have something that a person took time to make, something just for them. SO I REALLY NEED TO GET THIS ONE DONE.
I'm linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes to keep me on task.

I also decided to try this week's Project Quilting Challenge. It didn't seem fair to use the same project for two different challenges so I decided on something else

My mother in law found a box of fabric at a yard sale or flea market. The dates printed on the selvage are from the early 90s. I made 2 blocks from the skill builder sampler a while back that were doing nothing more than decorating my walls, and this week's challenge is to take your orphan blocks and make a quilt! Perfect! I'm going to make a cow and heart quilt, perfect for Valentines day! :P What should I call it? "Udderly in Love" too obvious and cheesy? Maybe by the time I'm finished I will have an awesome name.
Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions lemme know :D


  1. There is a lot going on in this quilt but I wouldn't call this quilt ugly. Check out Victoria Findley Wolf. I think she would be a great inspiration for you.

  2. Hey there, Melissa - I think "February will hopefully be filled with ambition!" is the best sentence I have read today! Now I find myself hoping the same thing. Thanks for that. :)
    And thanks for visiting Comptonia...good luck in the giveaway!