Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Don't translate this or you will be offended" WIP Wednesday

I was able to spend some time with some friends. We were talking and decided to start separate needlework projects. My friend Caitlin, never cross-stitched before, was working on a penguin pattern. I said that I had an idea from this book I am reading about the history of swearing called Holy Sh*t by Melissa Mohr. You can read the Amazon description here.
In the book, which is fascinating BTW, there was a whole section about how the Romans wrote such filthy poems and graffiti. The above phrase was supposed to be the filthiest thing ever written in Latin, so bad that the poem it is from was not translated until the 20th century.
I thought it was be fun to make a small needlework piece with this embroidered on it. I'm sure this is not the first time someone thought of it, but it amused me :D
I like the little blue flowers so far. It makes it look delicate and sweet vs the violent and offensive statement (which I don't even want to translate because it is so bad).
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  1. Melissa, you are such a tease! Now I must know what that naughty phrase says! What a fun idea. Perhaps I should make a quilt with some of the nasty Yiddish phrases my mother and grandmother used to utter.

    1. LOL! If did a google search and it came up right away. It threatens sodomy and fellatio to the poet Catallus' critics
      I love the idea of the Yiddish! That would be sooooo awesome :)