Saturday, February 28, 2015

1st FPP Pattern, 1st Doll!

I would like you to meet "Frightilda Scareaway" and she is designed to scare away your nightmares and protect you while you sleep! (or so I told my daughter). I have never made a stuffed anything except a pillow, and this happened so much by accident. Let me tell you a little story...

I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and since I couldn't sew, I sketched out ideas for paper piecing. There was one that really stuck with me and I set out to make it work. So weeks later I found my doodle, and here is the pieced design.

Amazing! I thought, Perfect!

...wait, now that I look at it, it looks like one of my kid's creatures that she made in the video game Spore. There is one that has a circular mouth with teeth all around in a circle. It closes its mouth like a sphincter and is pretty freaky. That's what this reminded me of. Well maybe I can add eyes?

HA! Now it looks like some sort of muppet!
I'm not the greatest at applique, and I wanted the eyes to seem kinda "sketchy" so I secured them with black zig-zag, then realized it almost looks like mascara'd eyelashes. So I also did a round with red zig-zag. I also made her eyes 2 different colors, coz that seems sketchy, right? I didn't worry about trying too hard to make it "pretty". The result is a REALLY crappy looking applique, or some freaky eyes :)
Great now what am I going to do with it? I know! Arms and legs!
Turning and stuffing these things was the most difficult thing! I tried to make little fingers too
Now for a front and back

I cut and attached a front and back then made her head a little more round-ish so I can add some horns/ears.

 I sewed the arms, legs and horn-ears to the body. 
Then I sewed the seem all the way around the outside leaving a spot for turning
Then I stuffed her!!! YAY I made a doll!
 Time to have some fun posing and playing with her

But look at the frayed bit on her ear! I know, a bow!

Finished product!

She is a hit! My kid cuddled with her all evening while she was laying on the couch not feeling well. I'm thinking about making more :)
I have never done this before and I'm proud of me! I'm going to link up to:
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  1. I love her! What a great helping monster. :) I also enjoy that she came together rather organically... one idea at a time.