Sunday, January 18, 2015

Project of Doom block number one

This will be a quilt that is designed like a bookshelf that you might find in Hogwarts. Each block will be released for 40 weeks and this is the first block that I have made for this quilt
 This is paper pieced and if you notice that crystal ball isn't quite round--it's a little bit more oblong shaped. But I don't mind so much and the books that are on either side of the crystal ball I am planning on embroidering names into them. I had found a list of books online that are mentioned in the harry potter series and I'm going to embroider those names on these books.
 I've started on the second block too but I already have it in my embroidery hoop because I'm starting to write the names in. When I get all of the new book names put on the books or if I get to a good stopping place I'll take a picture of that one too but I think I'm going to wait until I have that one completely done before I put it on the blog.
 Maybe I'll embroider some cracks on the left-hand side of that crystal ball so that it looks like it had fallen. And that is why it's so flat on that side. I don't know maybe if I messed with it it's just gonna make it worse

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