Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introductory Post

This will be the place where I will put my works in progress as well as the projects that I want to start. Well, that is the idea anyway. Who knows what this will morph into. So without further ado, I present my #wips! I am also linking up with On the Windy Side for her 2015 Finish Along. (see the button in the margin on the right ----->)

Ugly Quilt

This is such an ugly quilt! But it is so much fun to make. I took blocks that were too mismatched to go into the quilts they were designed for, and put them together with a scrappy sashing. It is just an eyesore of a mishmash, but I loved piecing it!

I need to make a sandwich out of it. For those who don't know what that means, it is when you have the three layers that make up a quilt: the pieced top, the backing and some sort of batting sewn in between.

Previously I have used the thick Arctic Fleece from Joanns for two reasons. 
First, I read that for a beginning quilter using fleece would be easier to quilt (one large, thick fabric vs cottony batting that will move around when you start stitching). 
Second, I had a ton of white Arctic Fleece that I had bought to make a Halloween costume that never made it's way out of the Joanns bag when I got home. When I found that it is possible to use fleece for batting, not only easier but it would be cheaper than buying batting.
Since then I was given a package of batting and I used it for a baby quilt. I liked the way it looked! Also it was not as stiff as the other two with the fleece. But that worked for their purpose. One of the stiff fleece quilts was donated to a nursing home where the owner could use while sitting in a wheelchair. The other was given as a gift to a good friend of mine who is in a wheelchair--she requested it after she saw my donation quilt.

Now I'm not sure which batting I will use for the Ugly Quilt. It is a lap sized quilt, and it will be donated to the nursing home. I figure I will use what I have to use and if I need more, I will just have to compare prices and see which is the best.

Labyrinth Quilt

This quilt I still need to piece the top, It is a fun quilt to work on, but as it gets bigger it is getting more difficult to work. 1 inch strips are sewn around the outside of the quilt to make it bigger. At the end I will have a quilt that is actually a actual maze that you'd be able to trace to find the end, which has a butterfly.

So this project is a little more difficult that the first WIP. This one will need to be pieced, then sandwiched then quilted. But! I bet I can get it done this quarter if I put some work into it


I have all six of the paper pieced fish triangles sewn. All I need to do is sew 2 layers of outer borders on them and then sew them together, and then it will be a fully pieced top! It is supposed to be a table topper (why people need these things, I have no idea) but I am planning on making it a wall quilt.

So, this one is far from being finished too, but it is closest to being finished than all the others. One, because it is the smallest project to complete, but also because it was the one I have been working on the most consistently.

Sew Sweet Simplicity BOMs
This isn't so much a project that I expect to be finished with by the end of the quarter. It might happen, but I am not holding my breath. The BOMs will all have been released by the time the quarter is over, but I am putting in some embroidery in the center of each block. Four blocks have been released (out of six) and I am still working on the second one--but I'm almost finished! The sewing part is easy, so by the end of the quarter I might have them all sewn but not finished. THEN I will need to make then into a quilt.

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