Monday, January 26, 2015

Finally Finished!

The koi pond table topper is finally finished! It is about 2 feet across.
Do people actually use table toppers? I think it is because the crowd I hang with isn't fancy enough.
I can see if it is a holiday theme and it is for a Christmas party or something. But just for everyday? While I am not sure about that, I am really in love with this design! I am going to give the as a gift with the intentions of it being a wall quilt. BUT! The birthday girl can use it as whatever she wants, even a table topper :)
photo of pattern
The pattern is from Rebecca Ruth Designs.
This is the first item that I made that my husband actually (noticed and) complemented me on. That really made me feel good about it.

I HIGHLY endorse this pattern and I plan on buying more of her paper piecing patterns. That cat pattern is calling my name!

I set out to do 2 things:
  • Finish the table topper
  • Do laundry
I have been feeling really crappy. I haven't been able to work because I have had a bad interaction with one of my medications and I honestly have not felt like getting out of bed. I set these goals for myself just to get my butt in gear and actually push myself to do something productive
 I had all of the individual triangles sewn, I just needed to sew them together into a hex.

I got about this far when Keswick decided that I needed a little help
 Oh hi mom! I can help u???
 No? Well, don't expect me to move :P

 When I got it all sewn, I made a quilt sandwich. Since I intend this to be a wall hanging, I figured that I would just use some fleece for the batting.
This is why there is a clashing ring of pink around it. This fleece was left over from a baby blanket that my mom made for Lily 8 years ago. I guess it might be true that all scraps will eventually have a use!
I also inherited the fabric I used for the backing. I like the patchwork but I can't see using it for actual PATCHWORK. I mean, it looks good as it is, but if it were cut into smaller pieces and sewn to other pieces? Yeah...that wont work well. Here it looks very nice

This is the finished product!
...and now on to laundry, if Mickey will let me
You can't see me, I'm camouflage 

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  1. something about the fish are very satisfying ... very peaceful & calming. ( :

  2. You need a way for people to follow, email would be good

    1. Ah yes! Thank you :) I figured out how to do it and I have a few widgets for following

  3. I hope you feel better very soon! Your cats are only looking after you by blocking your tasks. It's their way of saying, "Go back to bed!"
    Nice project, front, back, and fleece!

    1. LOL you may be on to something with the cats. They want me to go to bed so they can cuddle!
      Thank you so much for your praise :)