Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paper piecing and BOM block

At first I thought I was going to post about my Wednesday WIPs...
Then I thought, well I missed that. I will just finish up and post for Finish Up Friday...
Well it is Saturday and I am finally posting what I did this week :) Is there an alliteration for Saturday?

I have been really behind on the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM because I have been hand embroidering the center squares. All 6 have come out and I just finished the 2nd one!

Eastern Bluebird

Even so, I put the block together wrong (or not as I intended and not how the pattern suggested). But I am very happy they way my little Sialia sialis came out. My handwriting is horrible when using ink and paper, this proves that with needle and thread it is just as bad.
So now that I am done with this block I need to get cracking on the others! But I also need to embroider the book titles on the Harry Potter bookshelf quilt--The Project of Doom!!! Which brings us to the next blocks I did this week...
Block for week 3

Block for week 4

The fussy-cut potion bottle seemed like a good idea. But now it looks more like a bottle of perfume rather than a potion. Maybe it is a potion to make you smell nice, and it works when you dab a little bit behind your ears and on your wrists?
It will be ages before I get the titles on all of these books though! I really need an embroidery machine. Something I could type out what I want and it will stitch it in whatever font I choose. Something that I could design cool patches, or even download pics...If anyone has a few thousand dollars laying around and they want to get me one, I wont argue! Oh well, better start saving my pennies.
Last thing I did this week was a paper piecing request
February is African American history month, and a designer requested that someone test some African American superhero patterns for a debut on the Fandom in Stitches website. She just needed the piecing and not the embroidery (which is good how backed up I am on my embroidery!)
So this is Nick Fury! I think he came out nicely, even if he doesn't have a mouth or nose. I SWEAR I will embroider those on some day!

Canton Village Quilt Works Giveaway

 $30 GC to CVQW

Canton Village Quilt Works is giving away a $30 gift certificate to their online shop!
You can see what they have to offer in their shop here Canton Village Quilt Works

So, would you like to win some of this yummy fabric?

All you would need to do is head over to Maureen Cracknell Handmade and leave a comment (or a few if you do the optional entries).

If I win, I would love some of those solids!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Finally Finished!

The koi pond table topper is finally finished! It is about 2 feet across.
Do people actually use table toppers? I think it is because the crowd I hang with isn't fancy enough.
I can see if it is a holiday theme and it is for a Christmas party or something. But just for everyday? While I am not sure about that, I am really in love with this design! I am going to give the as a gift with the intentions of it being a wall quilt. BUT! The birthday girl can use it as whatever she wants, even a table topper :)
photo of pattern
The pattern is from Rebecca Ruth Designs.
This is the first item that I made that my husband actually (noticed and) complemented me on. That really made me feel good about it.

I HIGHLY endorse this pattern and I plan on buying more of her paper piecing patterns. That cat pattern is calling my name!

I set out to do 2 things:
  • Finish the table topper
  • Do laundry
I have been feeling really crappy. I haven't been able to work because I have had a bad interaction with one of my medications and I honestly have not felt like getting out of bed. I set these goals for myself just to get my butt in gear and actually push myself to do something productive
 I had all of the individual triangles sewn, I just needed to sew them together into a hex.

I got about this far when Keswick decided that I needed a little help
 Oh hi mom! I can help u???
 No? Well, don't expect me to move :P

 When I got it all sewn, I made a quilt sandwich. Since I intend this to be a wall hanging, I figured that I would just use some fleece for the batting.
This is why there is a clashing ring of pink around it. This fleece was left over from a baby blanket that my mom made for Lily 8 years ago. I guess it might be true that all scraps will eventually have a use!
I also inherited the fabric I used for the backing. I like the patchwork but I can't see using it for actual PATCHWORK. I mean, it looks good as it is, but if it were cut into smaller pieces and sewn to other pieces? Yeah...that wont work well. Here it looks very nice

This is the finished product!
...and now on to laundry, if Mickey will let me
You can't see me, I'm camouflage 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

So today when I got on my blogfeed, I saw that there was an awesome giveaway from

Maureen Cracknell Handmade!

Head over to her site and check it out:

(I'm always a day behind on seeing these)
Prrisma Elements 1/2 Yard Giveaway!! 
I am loving these triangles. I like these colors together too just as they are. I would want to make a block with the 3 lighter shades with alternating the dark red and the navy backgrounds 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kerry over at Pennydog Patchwork is having an amazing give away! She is offering a 25 quid gift certificate for Fancy Moon
Click here to check out the rules to enter

There are some pretty sweet fabrics there to choose from. I especially like the line of Alexander Henry

Fancy Moon shop's Alexander Henry fabrics

Sorry I haven't put pictures in yet, I'm still learning this blog business :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Project of Doom block number one

This will be a quilt that is designed like a bookshelf that you might find in Hogwarts. Each block will be released for 40 weeks and this is the first block that I have made for this quilt
 This is paper pieced and if you notice that crystal ball isn't quite round--it's a little bit more oblong shaped. But I don't mind so much and the books that are on either side of the crystal ball I am planning on embroidering names into them. I had found a list of books online that are mentioned in the harry potter series and I'm going to embroider those names on these books.
 I've started on the second block too but I already have it in my embroidery hoop because I'm starting to write the names in. When I get all of the new book names put on the books or if I get to a good stopping place I'll take a picture of that one too but I think I'm going to wait until I have that one completely done before I put it on the blog.
 Maybe I'll embroider some cracks on the left-hand side of that crystal ball so that it looks like it had fallen. And that is why it's so flat on that side. I don't know maybe if I messed with it it's just gonna make it worse

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introductory Post

This will be the place where I will put my works in progress as well as the projects that I want to start. Well, that is the idea anyway. Who knows what this will morph into. So without further ado, I present my #wips! I am also linking up with On the Windy Side for her 2015 Finish Along. (see the button in the margin on the right ----->)

Ugly Quilt

This is such an ugly quilt! But it is so much fun to make. I took blocks that were too mismatched to go into the quilts they were designed for, and put them together with a scrappy sashing. It is just an eyesore of a mishmash, but I loved piecing it!

I need to make a sandwich out of it. For those who don't know what that means, it is when you have the three layers that make up a quilt: the pieced top, the backing and some sort of batting sewn in between.

Previously I have used the thick Arctic Fleece from Joanns for two reasons. 
First, I read that for a beginning quilter using fleece would be easier to quilt (one large, thick fabric vs cottony batting that will move around when you start stitching). 
Second, I had a ton of white Arctic Fleece that I had bought to make a Halloween costume that never made it's way out of the Joanns bag when I got home. When I found that it is possible to use fleece for batting, not only easier but it would be cheaper than buying batting.
Since then I was given a package of batting and I used it for a baby quilt. I liked the way it looked! Also it was not as stiff as the other two with the fleece. But that worked for their purpose. One of the stiff fleece quilts was donated to a nursing home where the owner could use while sitting in a wheelchair. The other was given as a gift to a good friend of mine who is in a wheelchair--she requested it after she saw my donation quilt.

Now I'm not sure which batting I will use for the Ugly Quilt. It is a lap sized quilt, and it will be donated to the nursing home. I figure I will use what I have to use and if I need more, I will just have to compare prices and see which is the best.

Labyrinth Quilt

This quilt I still need to piece the top, It is a fun quilt to work on, but as it gets bigger it is getting more difficult to work. 1 inch strips are sewn around the outside of the quilt to make it bigger. At the end I will have a quilt that is actually a actual maze that you'd be able to trace to find the end, which has a butterfly.

So this project is a little more difficult that the first WIP. This one will need to be pieced, then sandwiched then quilted. But! I bet I can get it done this quarter if I put some work into it


I have all six of the paper pieced fish triangles sewn. All I need to do is sew 2 layers of outer borders on them and then sew them together, and then it will be a fully pieced top! It is supposed to be a table topper (why people need these things, I have no idea) but I am planning on making it a wall quilt.

So, this one is far from being finished too, but it is closest to being finished than all the others. One, because it is the smallest project to complete, but also because it was the one I have been working on the most consistently.

Sew Sweet Simplicity BOMs
This isn't so much a project that I expect to be finished with by the end of the quarter. It might happen, but I am not holding my breath. The BOMs will all have been released by the time the quarter is over, but I am putting in some embroidery in the center of each block. Four blocks have been released (out of six) and I am still working on the second one--but I'm almost finished! The sewing part is easy, so by the end of the quarter I might have them all sewn but not finished. THEN I will need to make then into a quilt.